Grupo Nelson Heusi has extensive structure - with capacity for large foreign trade operations - with strategic units that allow the realization of direct care in locations where it operates and is constantly investing in information technology in order to constantly improve its service quality and operational capacity.

The group now has over 210 employees, representing its greatest asset. Allocated to companies according to their specialties, each professional works seamlessly with the purpose of bringing the customer all the advantages and possible resources to carry out comprehensive and effective international transactions. With the support of information technology and vast experience of all its engineers, Grupo Nelson Heusi performs shipments in major customs cities in Brazil with the quality and competence that have made it synonymous with good business for more than eight decades.

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Grupo Nelson Heusi Offices

Service in all of Brazil,
with its own operations in:


» Fortaleza

» Pecém


» Curitiba

» Paranaguá


» Recife

» Suape

Rio de Janeiro

» Itaguaí

» Rio de Janeiro

Rio Grande do Sul

» Uruguaiana

Santa Catarina

» Dionísio Cerqueira

» Florianópolis

» Imbituba

» Itajaí

» Itapoá

» Joinville

» Navegantes

» São Francisco do Sul


OnBoard is a quarterly publication provided by Grupo Nelson Heusi to all its customers, employees
and partners. Here you'll find the latest issue of the OnBoard newsletter and all previous issues.

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